Our current administration is not responsible with the county tax income.  Spending priorities are on entertainment facilities instead of infrastructure. The county has $10 million dollars for a waterpark, but forces the city into an agreement to pay for half of the water tower to support it, all the while families out in rural areas have no ability to access the internet. Does this seem responsible to you?

Our officials need to make decisions based on good information, and be willing to reverse course in the light of new data that suggests the current path is a mistake.

In addition to responsibility, we need to add accountability. A lot of promises have been made to the people of Ste. Genevieve, and we need someone in office to hold people accountable.

Project details

  • Openness: Post current budgets to the public
  • Factual: If one makes a promise, present data to support it. No more "It'll be fine" being good enough.

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