Our Commissioner meetings take place in the morning during the week.  Many people cannot ever attend those meetings because it conflicts with their work schedule. I would reduce the number of meetings taking place during the day and add a regular scheduled meeting in the evening.

The people also have a right to force their government to act.  But we can’t.  Through shady campaign practices and promises that are simple mis-truths, our election process is manipulated, and the people have no recourse if they find they’ve been had. Aside from elections, the people have no say in how our county is run. I would work with our legal officials to implement a process by which the county would be forced to act by the people through Initiatives, and Referendums.

Project details

  • Initiatives: A petition signed by a certain minimum number of registered voters can bring about a public vote on a proposed statute.
  • Referendums: If the Legislature passes a law that voters do not approve of, they may gather signatures to demand a popular vote on the law. (Like Prop A.)

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