Disappointed, but not deterred. Being on a ballot, running a campaign, and being this publicly visible was a new thing for me, and it wasn’t easy. Losing an election is a new thing too, and how I feel about it is difficult to put to words. I won’t call it a failure.  I haven’t stopped trying.

If there was one part of my candidacy that was an ‘experiment’, it was running as an independent, and I’m certain that was the biggest factor in the loss.  As an optimist, I have to see that gaining over 13% of the vote is a better showing than any independent candidate for any office throughout the state, and the second best result for ‘third’ candidate (Bill Hastings of the Green party got 14% for State Rep – 46). The rest were under 5%. That experiment has clear results.  I need a party backing, and I had great support from you all despite not having one. Thank you for that.

I hope that when I choose a party, I don’t lose the support of the folks who happen to claim the other side.  I know some will disappointed. I’m still the same man, with the same qualifications. I am conservative in some things, and liberal in others.  The decision will be difficult to make, but it’s clear to me I need to belong to a party. (Which means I’ll also be on a Primary Ballot. I hope I have your support then too.)

Road signs: I’ll be making rounds, picking them up.  If you want to hang on to yours for the next election, (I will run again… see above statement: I haven’t stopped trying), take it inside. Otherwise leave it out, and I’ll come collect it.  You can also simply drop it off on the big porch at the Brewery Building on 3rd St.  I’ll be taking down the big ones on Sunday, 11/11.

The site www.rousey.us will become an advocacy site for Ste. Gen County.  I’ll continue with occasional blog posts, and a place to post data that I think needs to be publicly available, but isn’t.  The Micah Rousey for Commissioner Facebook page (www.facebook.com/rousey.us) will stay up as well.  I’ll share updates to the site through that and the community pages on Facebook as well.

I look at my candidacy like the election as a whole, there were some results to be happy about, some not.

Thank you again for all the support.