Why are you running?

I believe Ste. Genevieve County needs new leadership.  Leadership that has a view to the future, is responsible with taxpayer money, holds people accountable for their claims, and believe the people have a right to affect their own government.

What will you do different in office?

I’ll ensure we have the right investment in technology to keep our citizens informed of what is happening in the county government.  We shouldn’t be taping government agendas to windows anymore. While that meets the minimum requirements of the Sunshine Law, we should strive for better.

I will be responsible for county spending by prioritizing our efforts.  I believe it was irresponsible to spend $10,000,000 on a water park when there are families in the county without even the ability to purchase reliable internet access.  That is a problem that could have been solved with that amount of money. But instead we are getting a recreational facility that’ll be open for about 3 months a year.

I will also initiate the ability for the people to have a greater say in what happens in their county through a referendum and initiative process.

You have been critical of the waterpark, what is your official position?

All research done on the waterpark has concluded that it will lose money in operations alone, yet we have been promised that it was planned to operate without being a tax burden. I will require a comprehensive plan be developed to meet that promise, and will do all I can to help implement it.  But in the end, I’ll hold those who made the promise accountable.

Can I donate to your campaign?

No! But I thank you for your willingness to donate.

Micah Rousey is completely funding his own campaign, but there are ways you can help.

Visit the Get Involved page to see how.

If you still would like to donate money, you can donate to my ride in Pedal the Cause to support a world without cancer.

How can I help your campaign?

While I’m not accepting monetary donations, I would like you to help.

Join our email and SMS groups.

Make your front lawn or other property available for a road sign.

Like and share our posts on social media.

Write us a story we can share in our News section.

See the Get Involved Page for details.

What is the plan for the brewery?

While we still plan to have a brewery and tasting room in the building, we have a few disputes to settle regarding the construction.  Unfortunately, the legal process does not work on a timeline we can control.

In the meantime, we are enjoying living in the residence portion of the building designed by Julie.

For more in-depth details regarding the brewery, please follow the Brewery’s Facebook page.