About Micah

Micah grew up in Clements, CA, a town with a population then of 242. He went to elementary school 6 miles away in a town of 3,200 people. When he first visited Ste. Genevieve more than 10 years ago (meeting Julie’s parents: Carl and Krystyna Schaefer for the first time), he told Julie he could live here. To Micah, Ste. Gen felt like home right away. The Rouseys moved here 6 years ago when Julie was pregnant with their first child.  Fast forward to now, two kids later and a massive renovation project halfway finished, they couldn’t be happier to live here and be a part of this great community. Julie works as an architect at home, while Micah works as a technology consultant. He has a long career in technology, helping businesses and organizations set their technical strategy to make good decisions. Micah has an Associate of Arts degree in Humanities, a Bachelors of Science in Business Information Systems, and a Masters of Business Administration in Information Technology Management. Micah is/was a member of the following community organizations:

  • Ste. Genevieve Lions Club
  • Foundation for Restoration of Ste. Genevieve
  • Society for Information Managers – St. Louis Chapter
  • Codefi – Cape Girardeau
  • (Past) Lodi DeMolay, Past Master Councilor and Dad Advisor
  • (Past) Member of Stockton Lodge, Free and Accepted Masons

Ste. Genevieve needs fresh ideas, a new leader, and someone who is responsible with tax payer money.